Land Surveyor (Banting, Selangor)

1. General land surveying for building & civil work at the project site to facilitate construction works.
2. To assist Project Manager/ Project Engineers to plan, organize and lead the surveying support works.
3. To study the pre- computation of survey data accurately.
4. To ensure all surveying activities are performed in the most effective and efficient manner, sets targets of the team member and provide the necessary coaching to further optimize performance.
5. To pegging and setting point/ level for piling, foundation, floor column, wall & external infra-works (after survey by Licensed Surveyor consultants/ pre-com plan/ as built plan).
6. Provide control point and reference marks for construction works to establish finishes and level reference.
7. Liaise with relevant parties on survey matters.
8. Establish temporary benchmark.
9. Maintain proper record and filling survey record.
10. To monitor, and ensure all as built drawing matter area in order for submission to consultants/ client/ required by local Authority.
11. Liaise with Client Representative/ consultant/ subcontractors on joint measurement.
12. Responsible for initiating improvement in the Quality System, making proper recommendation, follow-up and taking the necessary action(s).
13. To carry out drafting and computation survey data accurately
14. Monitor and arranges surveying instruments for calibration and ensure all surveying activities are performed effectively.
15. To carry out all other duties and responsibilities as instructed by Management.
16. To ensure proper implementation of ISO related records and inspection on site work.