Office Driver

  1. Reports to: Managing Director

    Key Responsibilities:

    1. Safely and timely drive the employer to work and back, and to occasions
    2. Safely drive the employer’s relatives, visitors, business partners and associates to and from places authorized by the employer
    3. Ensure that the car is clean at all times by washing both its inside and outside parts
    4. Carry out routine inspection on the car to ensure that it is always in good condition
    5. Identify electrical and mechanical problems that may hinder smooth working of the car and carry out minor repairs and maintenance where necessary
    6. Consider different routes, check climate and traffic reports to decide the best time to travel and the best route to take
    7. Safely keep receipts for vehicle repairs and maintenance and other records and reports concerning the employer’s car(s)
    8. Keep a travel log to record locations traveled to, travel time, and work hours
    9. Carry out some modest office undertakings like organizing records, and cleaning the employer’s office and desk
    10. Carry out other assignments that may be given by the employer.
    11. To ensure proper implementation of ISO related records

          Minimum Qualification            : SPM

    Minimum Experience              : 2 years