Project Manager (Johor/Langkawi)

Reports to: Senior Project Manager/Project General Manager/ Assistant Project General Manager Managing Director
Key Authority:
1. Purchase of urgent site material, hardware and tool (amount not exceeding RM 5,000)
2. Cease further construction works at site if non-conformance encountered.
3. Give verbal warning/penalties to site staff in case of safety instructions are not being followed.
Key Responsibilities:
1. To carry out the supervision, daily planning and directing of the work force.
2. Co-coordinating and liaison with Client / consultants/ supplier/ NSC and subcontractors.
3. To carry out inspection, verification and recording of work.
4. To identify and record quality problems through inspection.
5. To ensure and carry out safe and healthy working/practice on site.
6. To be in charge of recording daily activities, manpower, weather etc.
7. To coordinate with purchaser for material order and pricing control.
8. To ensure the sub-contractor work quality on site
9. To feed back with purchaser for any non-confirming material.
10. To arrange /monitor site supervisor and site agent work on site.
11. To do on site training for new staff.
12. To monitor and control minimum of material wastage on site.
13. To ensure site supervisor assist purchaser on monitor QP 13.4 material delivery log-book for the Delivery order number.
14. To ensure all DO (delivery order) back to office weekly
15. To ensure all construction drawing (e.g. Discrepancy BQ and Drawing) are in-order for all subcontractors execute work on site and delivery project 100% on time.
16. To ensure all change of construction drawing are keep trade with “MASTER DRAWING LIST” and with Site Personnel, Project Executive for propel filling and record.
17. To work together with site safety issue with safety office/supervisor.
18. To assess and recommend engagement of subcontractor/supplier as approved vendor.
19. To maintain & enhance good & Propel relationship with Client/Client Representative and consultants to archive client satisfaction through continue improvement.
20. To recruit & organize site team work including suppliers, sub-contractors, NSCs and any for project operation.
21. To ensure and monitor for CPC and CMGD certificate issue by consultant.
22. To ensure and monitor for all EI (Engineer Instruction), AI (Architects Instruction) and client instruction are properly record for Quantity Surveyor on claiming issue.
23. Verify progress claim with owner or appointed client representative.
24. Verify work done with sub-con.
25. To ensure proper implementation of ISO related records and inspection on site work.
Minimum Qualification : Diploma in Civil Engineering or relevant field
Minimum Experience : 7 years in related field