Site Supervisor (Johor/Langkawi)

Reports to: Project Manager/ Project General Manager
Key Authority:
1. Cease further construction works at site if non-conformance encountered.
2. Give verbal warning to site staff in case of safety instruction is not being followed.
Key Responsibilities:
1. To liaise with site representative on all project and site operation.
2. To verify drawing/ technical specification for adequacy.
3. To monitor progress of construction operation.
4. To supervise, plan and direct the construction work force daily.
5. To co-ordinate and liaise with client/consultants/NSC and DSC.
6. To ensure that safe and healthy working arrangements are established, maintained and regulation observed.
7. To ensure inspection, verification and security of construction work are done.
8. To monitor progress of building operation.
9. To initiate, recommend or provide solutions through designated channels.
10. To verify the implementation of solution.
11. To monitor QP 13.4 Material Delivery Log-book for the Delivery order number.
12. To ensure all DO (delivery order) back to office weekly
13. To monitor and control minimum of material wastage on site.
14. To maintain& enhance good & Propel relationship with Client/ Client Representative and consultants to archive client satisfaction through continue improvement.
15. To monitor and ensure all subcontractors and NCS defect is in order to hand over to client with satisfaction manner.
16. To identify and record quality problem through inspection and report to project manager.
17. To ensure proper implementation of ISO related records and inspection on site work.
Minimum Qualification : Diploma in Civil Engineering or relevant field
Minimum Experience : 2 years