Company Profile

Laubros Holdings (M) Sdn Bhd was incorporated as a private limited company. Laubros is now a well-established construction company specializes in residential and non-residential projects that ranging from commercial, building, showroom warehouse, institution, factory, SME factory, palm oil refining plant, heavy industry factory and shipyard engineering workshop.

Laubros has grown and established itself as a reputable and reliable building in civil works contractor. It eventually registered as Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) contractor that obtained certified of G7 contractor in the categories of B, CE & ME. Laubros that capable of providing fast track turnkey solution to all types of related projects in order to maintain continual improvement in its commitment to offer the specialized services for clients by transmitted their needs into quality of products.

Laubros has integrated the construction expertise and maintenance experience turn into the designs functions to produce the excellent quality of buildings. Due to the bast experience, the project management and team have enabled to achieve projects with safety, quality and completion on time.