Quantity Surveyor / Contract Executive (JB)

Report to: Assistant Contract Manager / Contract Manager

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Perform take-off quantities.
  2. Perform cost analysis & estimation.
  3. Pre & post tender contract administration.
  4. Prepare progress claim & variation orders.
  5. Verification of sub-contractor / supplier claim
  6. Assist project Manager in prepare of material schedule.
  7. To advises Project Manager on Contractual matters
  8. To prepare the progress report for every site meeting (PQP)
  9. To assist Contract Manager in evaluation of tender.
  10. To assist Project Manager for monitoring on EI (Engineer Instruction, Architects Instruction and Client Instruction) for Variation Order claim.
  11. To prepare project budgetary and material required as guideline for project manager and purchaser for further action.
  12. To monitor together with project manager and purchaser for costing issue / or specialist item.
  13. To prepare and monitor for project final account.

To ensure proper implementation for ISO record