M&E Coordinator (Johor)

Reports to: M&E Manager/ Project Manager/ Project General Manager
Key Authority:
1. Cease further construction works at site if non-conformance encountered.
2. Give verbal warning to site staff in case of safety instruction is not being followed
Key Responsibilities:
1. Review and align M&E Design Drawings to ensure compliance with design specification and guideline.
2. Identify discrepancies between M&E structure, ID, Architectural and Client provision.
3. To responsible for planning, controlling, coordinating, inspection and testing of mechanical and electrical work.
4. Preparation and submission of M&E coordination drawings in accordance to construction schedule
5. Compile Operation and Maintenance Manual, comprising of specifications, information on the equipment installation and As-Built shop drawing.
6. To ensure specialist subcontractors/ NCS comply with Authority requirement for final inspection (to comply CCC requirement)
7. To ensure all the M&E Contractor shop drawing, as built drawing and operation manual as per site condition and work done on site.
8. Liaise and coordinate with client, authorities, consultants and M&E subcontractors and supplier on the schedule of works and delivery of materials to meet with project requirement.
9. Review and identity variation and schedule of works related to M&E scope
10. Supervise the M&E work and coordinate with client’s representatives, consultants and subcontractor on technical matters.
11. To coordinate installation of M&E works as per approved drawing.
12. To implement all policies, activities, procedures, instruction and safety practices, as relevant and required by the quality management system.
13. To ensure proper implementation of ISO related records and inspection on site work.
Minimum Qualification : Diploma in Electrical Engineering / Mechanical Engineering
Minimum Experience : 2 years in related field